It is over a 100 years since Sidney and Percy Kirk opened their first London workshop in 1919. Three generations later, inspired by their heritage and twenty years of passion for eyewear, Jason and Karen Kirk launched Kirk & Kirk.
    All frames are designed in England and handmade in France, in one factory from start to finish.
    Kirk & Kirk are the only company in the world to handmake frames from acrylic, using their specially developed, Italian material. Acrylic is extremely light weight compared to acetate so the frames, even the chunkiest, are incredibly light and comfortable to wear.
    Creating their own materials means that Kirk & Kirk have a unique colour palette, so their recognisable designs are a natural choice for style-conscious celebrities such as Morcheeba, Robert Downey Jr, Samuel L. Jackson, 50 Cent, Frances Conroy and Nicholas Pinnock and many others.


    Sidney KIRK 和 Percy KIRK 於1919年在倫敦開設第一家工作室,距今已經有一百多年的歷史。來到第三代,Jason 和 Karen 從小到大也接觸眼鏡,因此從家族傳統和自身對眼鏡二十年的熱情得出了靈感,一起創立了品牌 Kirk and Kirk。Kirk & Kirk 所有框架均在英國設計,並在法國手工製造,而且製作從開始到完成,也是在同一工廠進行。

    Kirk & Kirk 是世界上唯一使用亞加力(acrylic)去製造眼鏡的品牌,而且更重要的是,Kirk & Kirk 使用的並不是一般的亞加力,而是來自意大利,並經過自家特別研發的物料。相比我們常見的板材物料(acetate),亞加力的重量極輕,即使是極粗的框架款式,眼鏡也都非常輕巧且配戴舒適。

    自主研發和創造自家的物料意味著 Kirk & Kirk 具有更獨特的色彩,因此對於那些注重風格的名人,如英國著名樂隊 Morcheeba、荷李活巨星 Robert Downey Jr、美國著名 Rapper 50 Cent、著名演員Samuel L. Jackson、Frances Conroy 和 Nicholas Pinnock 等,Kirk & Kirk 一直是他們品味之選。