Francis Pike is designed by Lucio and Francesco who were tired of fragile sunglasses with cheap or low-quality features and they decided to tackle the problem from the source. Hinges loosen up, temple bars bend and frames break too easily, too often. Even more expensive and resistant frames have this same weakness: the hinge. And that’s what they focused on. their objective is to offer a durable pair of sunglasses, excellent in every aspect. To address the problematic issue of hinge, Francis Pike presented a unique patent system which allows the temple bars to stay in position and safely detach when put under extreme stress conditions. These specially chosen magnets are shielded to prevent any magnetic fields from interfering.


    Francis Pike是意大利新晉眼鏡品牌,設計師有感坊間的眼鏡太容易破損,也看不過眼粗製濫造的眼鏡,於是便決定創立全新眼鏡品牌,利用現代化技術,解決困擾很多人的問題,例如鉸鏈鬆脫、鏡臂變型、鏡框斷裂等,就算是貴價或者聲稱抗壓力強的眼鏡都容易出現這些破壞性的問題,所以品牌的目標就是要為市場帶來耐用而優質的眼鏡產品。