Elegant design, attention to detail and high quality are the distinctive features of DARIO MARTINI eyewear, produced by MARTINI OCCHIALI and appreciated by leading players in the global eyewear sector. Models from the DARIO MARTINI collection are recognizable by the touch of class and sober elegance that identify them. Those who choose to wear them are attracted by the exclusive nature of a sophisticated product with innovative details, found in the wide range of women’s models embellished with Swarovski crystals and in the stylish and elegant men’s models.


    由MARTINI OCCHIALI製作的DARIO MARTINI 眼鏡因其優雅的設計、精緻的製造工藝和優異的品質而得到諸多世界一流的眼鏡製造商的讚賞和肯定。人們可以通過其獨特的風格和素雅的款式一眼認出DARIO MARTINI的產品。其佩戴者往往是被其精緻並極具創意的設計細節所吸引——通過施華洛世奇的水晶來點綴女士款式,而男士款式則處處透視著時尚和典雅。