This VINTAGE COPPE-SID 1957 eyewear is an ORIGINAL DESIGN of the 50’s with metal components produced in the late 80’ with nowadays plating, quality controls and hand- craftsmanship finishing which guarantee the uniqueness and exclusive quality of this product offered in LIMITED EDITION as per its SERIAL NUMBER (laser engraved and GOLD/Palladium lacquered on each frame) matching the warranty booklet. The nose pads are in original BOHEMIAN CRYSTAL GLASS.
    24K Gold Plated and/or the more expensive PURE PALLADIUM
    The stone on your frame is a LAPIS LAZULI, good for luck, prosperity and happiness.


    COPPE-SID 1957 系列眼鏡是來自上世紀50年代的原創設計,其金屬結構件是在80年代後期才開始生產。在當代產生的電鍍工藝、品控管理和手作精加工等條件的加持下,這一限量版產品的獨特性得到了很好的保證——每部鏡框上都鍍有24K金或更為昂貴的純鈀金,並具鐳射雕刻的序號,與保修手冊相匹配;而鼻墊則選用了原裝的波西米亞水晶玻璃;同時鏡框上還鑲有天青石,代表著運氣、繁盛和幸福。