Aru Eyewear – Italian Fashion tradition, quality anc charm.It is a brand born with the intent of making glasses with a unique character through precious materials and special handcrafted techniques. The distinctive notes of the brand are quality, innovation and craftsmanship. The Italian craftsmanship, with a timeless style, through shapes and lines inspired by the past made and revisited in a contemporary key, assisted by innovative technologies give life to the brand models, designed, engineered and manufactured, entirely in Italy.

    Aru Eyewear wants to be the ally of life for those who, wearing the impresive Italian style, preferring exclusive fashion accessories rich in design, refined and easy to wear, want to detach from the mass but instead they want to share that “luxury must be whispered, not shouted”.


    Aru Eyewear反映了義大利的傳統時尚以及高品質的魅力。 該品牌創立的初衷是通過名貴材料和特殊工藝製作具有獨特個性眼鏡,它也因為其品質、創新和精湛的工藝而聞名。義大利的手工藝具有永恆的風格,他們的產品線條都承接了過去的智慧作為靈感,同時又以現代的風格進行重塑,並通過創新的技術在義大利進行製造。

    Aru 眼鏡希望能成為熱愛生活的人的朋友——人們喜歡樸實的義大利風格、對獨特設計、精緻且易穿的獨特配飾的青睞,同時又對擺脫大眾審美饒有興趣,但是他們更喜歡低調的奢華。